Our Areas of Expertise

We develop tailored legal solutions that allows our clients’ business to grow and flourish without obstacles.

Our Service Offerings

Through our premium, efficient and cost effective legal services, the independent law professionals at Sandiva Legal Network are dedicated to provide flexible support and resources our clients need to accomplish their business goals and objectives.

General Corporate & Legal Counsel
Every company needs legal counsel by handling day-to-day legal matters in a much more efficient and cost-effective manner.
We understand to obtain and maintain can be challenging. The bureaucracy can sometimes be overwhelming. As the Indonesian Government is trying to ease the licensing process for companies.
Whether its representing in a termination case in and/or our of court or from assisting you in drafting a simple employment agreement.
Our team of dedicated legal experts are well versed in all matters related to legal protection given to any word, name, symbol, or design that is used in commerce to identify the product.
Real Estate
The Indonesian Law has been around since 1960, however our land registration system requires us to be diligent in acquiring any piece of land.
Dispute Resolution & Arbitration
In the event of resolutions and arbitrations for corporate and commercial disputes and litigations, Sandiva Legal Network’s team of experts work with clients ranging from national to multinational corporations.
Criminal Law
When it comes to criminal litigations, our handpicked experts in criminal law are more than ready to assist all your needs. Our professional team of criminal law solicitors has a wealth.
State Administrative
Administrative law is often defined as the body of law that governs the activities of administrative agencies of government. Our team of law professionals at Sandiva Legal Network are ready to assist clients.
Debt Recovery Planning
Debt recovery planning is essential in every commercial business. As to how and what legal recourse to be taken. Each debtor has its own character. There is no single formula for all debtors.
Insolvency and Bankruptcy
Our team have represented various companies, as creditors and debtors. Not only you need to be represented who understand the commercial matters but who also understand the legal landscape.
Enforcement of Court Decisions
Ensure the rulings and orders of the court are effectively enforced
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