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Sandiva Legal Network is a modern and fast growing legal consultant providing a comprehensive, excellence, and cost-effective alternative for both small and big businesses, individuals in need of experienced legal solution and advice.

As representation from the firms’ name ‘Sanjeev’ which is living and reviving. The work life balance is a key to deliver high quality services to our client. We believe that the practice of law has to evolve. Our mission is to transform the Indonesian legal industry to make legal services modern. The legal services should not be limited to within rooms, cubicle or office buildings. Our services should be virtually anywhere our clients needs us.

We are not your ordinary law firm.

We leverage top-tier technology to make the practice of law more efficient and better experience for our clients. We allocate time and resources efficiently because each legal matter should be treated with respect, careful consideration, and the finest quality service.

Our attorneys are highly experienced lawyers who thrive working in an innovative and flexible way, providing counsel and strategic representation in a diverse range of practice areas. Our mission is to have large network of attorneys covers across Indonesia so that we can ensure that your needs will be met in a timely manner, with minimal transaction cost, and that your case is still handled by our finest professionals. Our business model combines “cloud” and physical presence. We will continue developing our system along with the technology advancement.

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